Vaaritex offers a variety of Printed, Dyed, and PFD (Prepared for Dyeing) fabrics using high quality Yarn, Dyestuff, Machinery, and Finishing processes. We are regular suppliers to several majors and boutiques across the country. We have flexible options and a quick turnaround time.

Quality Control

All of our products are tested for Tensile Strength, Color Fastness, and Dimensional Stability.Test reports from internationally certified laboratories are available upon request.


Our product offering has a versatile and diverse life cycle which ranges from the best Rotary to Digital  Printing (computer assisted design print rendering) machinery, Continuous Dyeing , Finishing processes, and Color Matching Calibration Equipment. Several  fabrics are manufactured using shuttle- less looms with virtually flawless results.

In contrast,  some of our products  use a minimal amount of machinery and its human detail such as in manual screen printing  embody the ever so appreciated personal characteristics that are innate to  natural fabric  processing.

Social Responsibility

Our processes adhere to Global Environmental , Ethical, and Social norms.

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117 West 9th Street, Suite 520

Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

 Phone: +1 213 891 0772

 Fax: +1 213 891 9521


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